Every year, it’s estimated that there are 2.4 million eye injuries happening across the United States. With nearly half of those — 1.2 million — occurring at home. At work, there are work-place safety standards that employers must adhere to, but at home… well, people are a bit more lax about wearing safety goggles around the house doing their chores. And here’s the thing, according to Prevent Blindness, 90% of those injuries could have been prevented!

Here are some ways eye injuries crop up at home for families:

  • Cleaning: Chemical splashes from bleach, solvents, and other cleaning supplies account for 125,000 injuries annually.
  • Cooking: Splatters from boiling water and cooking oil can damage eyes, causing burns. Cover pots with lids or screens to prevent accidents.
  • Fixing: Home repairs involving power tools going awry can cause nails and screws to go flying… into eyes.
  • Falling: Inspecting handrails, stair-runners, and rugs to make sure they’re secure will help to cut down on falls.
  • Grooming: Curling irons that slip too close to the eye can cause serious burns.
  • Yard Work: Always inspect the lawn for sticks, stones, or anything else that could cause flying debris in the lawn mower, trimmer, or blower.
  • Playing: Sports injuries are common at home. Make sure that children are wearing eye protection. Encourage them not to throw small toys in other’s faces. And last, but not least, Halloween. Carefully examine masks to ensure that there are no sharp edges around the eye openings. And no-one in the family should ever wear store-bought costume contact lenses because contact lenses need to be fitted by an eye-care professional. Store-bought costume lenses can cause infections,scrapes, and sores—all of which can lead to vision loss!

Being aware of these hazards and taking precautions may help prevent an eye injury from happening at home. Stay safe!