Eye Shadow, eye liners, mascara, false eyelashes, anti-aging creams, extensions — the list goes on for products that we utilize to enhance our appearance of our eyes. And while these can all propel a sense of well-being, many of these products are not without their faults and we should be mindful of what we are putting on near our eyes, as they can cause serious damage. From the ingredients within them to the labeling and marketing of “how safe they are” — i.e., terms like hypo-allergenic —it can be baffling to know what’s best to use and how to use them.

Be Aware of Ingredients

Knowing what’s being applied on or around your eyes is a good first step. There have been various studies on the ingredients found in fashion eye-products. Many have been outright banned in other countries, but remain active in the U.S., adding further to the confusion about what’s right to use on your eyes. Here’s some information from the Cosmetic Ingredient Review  that shows what’s in your products. Being informed about the decision to use them is the best line of defense in your beauty routine.

Good Hygiene

Probably the second-most important thing to making sure your products are safe is checking to make sure that you’re washing your extensions, brushes, and false eyelashes weekly, for example. This can make your eye-care routine safer. Throwing out tubes of mascara or eye shadows that are over three months old is also a good practice to maintain the health of your eyes. Sharing makeup, a time-honored tradition with teens/tweens, should also be discouraged because of the transfer of bacteria. And of course, removing eye makeup every night with a water-based product is the best way to make sure you’re taking good care of your eyes. It goes without saying that you should never sleep in your makeup, either.

As always, if you have questions about your eyes, discuss your concerns with your eye-car provider! Drs. Cheryl and Dave are always happy to help.