We’ve all experienced watery eyes from time-to-time, whether from laughing too hard, chopping onions, or getting hit with wind head on. Excessive tear production, while a nuisance, can happen due to a variety of conditions, many of which we’ve written about here on the All About Eyes blog. 

If your eyes are watery and your vision is suddenly affected (blurred or double vision) or you’ve suffered an eye injury, it’s time to call your eye doctor to get checked out. Otherwise, here are common reasons why your eyes might be creating more tears than usual:

Typical Causes

Other Causes

Treatment for excessive tear production will depend on the cause. For some folks, a warm, wet compress on the eyes will help to alleviate blocked tear ducts (the main cause for watery eyes). If battling an infection, antibiotics may need to be prescribed. For allergy sufferers, antihistamines may help. And for dry eyes, eye drops may need to be prescribed to help lubricate the eye and regulate tear production. Dry eyes caused by digital device strain or environmental factors like wind, sun, and pollution, will require moderating your time spent engaging in those situations.

If home remedies don’t help, your eye doctor is just a phone call away, so schedule an appointment to seek relief.