Puffy eyes are a temporary condition — most of the time — and can be treated at home by using a cold compress, cucumbers, or over-the-counter creams to reduce the swelling around the eyes. The causes for periorbital edema are usually environmental, dietary, or hereditary. Factors such as allergies, smoking, consuming too much salt, an injury, getting too much sun, crying, or not getting enough sleep can all contribute to puffy eyes. 

But what if the at-home remedies don’t work, and a few days have passed with no change? Or worse? Do your eyes get even more swollen and red? Any number of conditions can cause swelling of the tissue around the eyes. They include:

Pay attention if your vision becomes blurry or you have pain in your eye. If floaters appear or you feel it’s becoming harder to see. If any of those conditions are present along with your swollen eyes, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your eye-care provider. Dr. Dave or Dr. Cheryl will do a comprehensive eye exam to sort out the cause of the swelling.